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Who Is This For?



If you’re just starting out and are unsure how to correctly put your opponents on a hand, want to study and improve, and learn how to profit consistently, then Alec’s Academy is for you.



If you have been playing poker for a while but feel like you’ve plateaued, are stuck in a rut, lacking confidence, and overall not getting the results you deserve, then Alec’s Academy is for you.



If you love the poker lifestyle, want to live your poker dream and know deep down that you could make it work if you just had a blueprint and system, then Alec’s Academy is for you.

Get Inspired With These Incredible Case Studies
of Poker Players Just Like You!

One of the best features of Alec’s Academy is connecting with the entire cohort. Alec’s Academy gives you everything you need to know to make poker a sustainable and profitable business for the rest of your life!

Brannen Hough, $2/$5 NL

If you’re thinking about joining Alec’s Academy I would say definitely, do it. It’s worth it. It’s for anyone who’s looking to take the game seriously and get to the next level.

Nick V, $2/$5 NL

I realized I only knew 10% of poker before joining Alec’s Academy. Now it’s at 70%! My poker group is shocked at how much I’ve improved. I used to have doubts about poker, but now my like for the game has turned to love.

Jugal Daterao - $100 - $300 MTTs

I was really impressed with the level of detail in Alec’s Academy. Alec gave us the keys to castle and taught us how to pick the lock! I have a lot more confidence in my game.

Sean Felipe – Micro Stakes Online


The Best Investment For

Aspiring Players Who Want to Win Thousands
Per Month Playing Poker

Create your side hustle and live your poker dream.


Alec’s Academy expands upon the best of what he’s taught in his private coaching practice, covering everything from leveraging your image and dominating the mental game to mastering the art of hand reading and study poker like the pros.


In this 8-week program, you’ll join Alec live on Zoom where he’ll walk you through his blueprint for decision making and where you can get direct feedback on your game in open Q&As.


Alec’s Academy will give you direct access to Alec and CP Coaches and hundreds of other players who will help you implement your poker business plan, review your hands, and help you achieve your poker goals.


Join today and get lifetime access. At the end of the 8-week program, you’ll retain access to all of the content, plus the mastermind strategy calls.


We’re so confident that you’ll love Alec’s Academy that we’re willing to bet on it! Join our program risk free. If you don’t get twice the value you paid, simply turn in your completed worksheets, and ask for a refund within 14 days.


Each module comes with a worksheet to help you take action and transform your poker game. Share your assignments with other students and participate in our weekly challenges to hold you accountable and help you grow.

What’s Inside Alec’s Academy?

Module 1

Mastering the Fundamentals

Master the core concepts, from leveraging your positional advantage to playing various types of strong and weak hands, to putting your opponents on a hand range and working with equity. Learn to implement Alec's famous hand reading methodology in every hand you play, allowing you to play with more confidence and increase your profit.

See Module 1 Video List
Module 2

Build Your Poker Business

Get the exact bankroll management system Alec has used to build his roll and compete in the biggest games in the world. Learn which games and stakes are right for you, when to set stop losses and understand the variance in poker so you can be prepared both mentally and financially for the inevitable swings. Treat poker like a business to turn the game into a profitable side hustle.

See Module 2 Video List
Module 3

Mastering the Mental Game

Play consistent, winning A-Game poker each and every time you sit down at the table. Focus for hours, stay in flow, and play with absolute confidence. Avoid letting tilt and ego cloud your judgement, and never lose back those hard-earned chips due to poor quality decisions.

See Module 3 Video List
Module 4

Build Your Dream Poker Lifestyle

Be respected and gain support by others both inside and out of the community, including friends and family. Find balance with the poker lifestyle and customize it to your exact desires. Stay inspired to play and overcome any roadblocks and pitfalls that are holding you back from success.

See Module 4 Video List
Module 5

Accomplish Your Poker Goals

Learn to think with a professional poker mindset. Create a clear action plan to achieve your poker dreams as quickly as possible, and draw the exact roadmap to make them a reality. Get guidance directly from Alec and be held accountable with like-minded players through our community.

See Module 5 Video List

Alec's Academy FREE Bonus:

Alec's Academy FREE Bonus:

Included in your academy package, you'll get a FREE copy of Alec Torelli's interactive workbook The 4 Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker

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Get access to Alec's 'Four Step Process', his blueprint for decision making that he uses to dominate the biggest cash games and tournaments in the world.

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Simply test the program for 14 days and if you are not happy for any reason send us an email and you'll get an instant refund as long as you have completed your worksheets. So you can join RISK-FREE.

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Alec’s Academy is a considerable investment. Is it worth it?

Alec’s Academy has launched six cohorts over the past four years with members from around the world. Our graduates love the program, community, Alec’s hands on assistance, and consistently rave about the insane value they got from their investment.

We are so confident you will LOVE Alec’s Academy that we even have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so trying it out is a complete freeroll. When you achieve your poker goals and begin living your poker dream, you’ll see how Alec’s Academy was worth twice what you paid for it!

‘Learning from Alec first hand is priceless. Alec’s Academy is for everybody. Just do it. Hands down no brainer.’
- Dan Bergen, $2/$4 No Limit, Texas

Are there hidden fees?

Absolutely not. The price you see even includes tax.

How long do I have access to the material for?

Pay once and you can retain all the material, plus the recordings of the mastermind calls for life.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! We offer a payment plan which allows you to break up the payment.

Is Alec’s Academy Too Advanced for a Complete Beginner?

Quite the opposite. Alec’s Academy was built for players who are just starting out to help them implement a sustainable poker business plan, manage their bankroll correctly and learn the habits, mindset, and approach of a seasoned professional.

Taking Alec’s Academy when first starting out will help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that most players make because they lack the systems, knowledge and blueprints that have been tested and proven over time.

‘Alec’s Academy is great for players of all levels.’
- Dante Triplett, $0.25/$50 Online No Limit, California

I’m already a winning player. Is Alec’s Academy still for me?

That’s great you’re already ahead of the pact. Our goal is to help our graduates earn more money and move up in stakes. We’re confident Alec’s Academy is the perfect program to help you boost your earnings.

Imagine increasing your win rate by even 25% by improving your mental game, hand reading ability or decision-making process. You’ll make your investment back in no time and the rest of the profits are yours to keep for life!

“Before joining Alec’s Academy, I was averaging $20-$30 an hour. Now I’m averaging $100-$120 an hour. It’s incredible!”
- Kevin Torres, $1/$3 No Limit, California

Do I need to play poker full time?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to help our graduates make an extra $2,000 per month on the side. Many of our satisfied students accomplish their goals by playing strictly on weekends, often in 20 hours a week or less.

It’s unrealistic to immediately drop all of your responsibilities to chase a dream, BUT the strategies, systems and blueprints Alec teaches in the Academy will give you the tools and resources to turn poker into a profitable side hustle. Depending on your goals and how hard you work, you can take your poker career as high as you want!

How does Alec’s Academy differ from the CP Membership?

The CP Membership focuses strictly on how to be better at playing poker and helps you improve the tangible aspects of the game, such as poker math, fundamentals, preflop play, game theory, and more.

In addition to mastering hand reading using Alec’s blueprint, Alec’s Academy has a strong focus on helping you be a better poker player and the intangibles of the game, such as bankroll management, mindset, playing your A-game, tilt control, focus, discipline, study habits and more.

The Academy is an exclusive mastermind which you complete in real time alongside other students, and under the direct guidance of Alec with whom you can talk and learn from during the live coaching calls.

Alec will walk you through his blueprint for decision making in some of the biggest, most famous hands he’s played, and help you implement the same secrets he’s used to win at the highest levels.

How does Alec’s Academy differ from the other programs?

There are two ways one can improve at poker: be better at playing poker or be a better poker player.

Being better at playing poker is exclusively about strategy (game theory, ranges, equities, math, fundamentals, etc.) whereas to be a better poker player takes a holistic approach and focuses on the intangibles such as the mental game, bankroll management, poker psychology, leveraging your image, avoiding tilt, and more.

We believe it’s a marriage of these two skills that ultimately makes one successful in poker. Alec’s Academy is unique because it’s the only poker program on the market that’s engineered to help you turn poker into a profitable side hustle or full-time endeavor, with the goal of helping our graduates make $2,000+ per month playing poker.

From building a solid, sustainable, and profitable poker business from the ground up to mastering the mental game and learning to study like the pros, Alec’s Academy gives you all the tools and resources you need to achieve your poker goals.

How much time do I need to dedicate to studying?

The 30 videos are strategically released three to four times per week over the course of the 8-week cohort. Videos average 30 minutes in length. This is done to give you the necessary time to complete the actionable worksheets and implement what you have learned. Every week, you’ll receive an email with the roadmap of your study material as well as your assignments and challenges so you have a clear path to follow.

There are five group coaching calls throughout the cohort, all led by Alec. All of the content is recorded and uploaded to your member’s area, which you’ll have access to for life.

You can spend as much or little time as you want in the community, allowing for a flexible user experience.

We have many students who work full time and take the course on nights and weekends. That’s perfectly fine and we’re confident you can complete the program while adhering to your ongoing responsibilities.

When does the next Alec’s Academy cohort begin?

Our next Alec’s Academy cohort will begin on Sunday, October 10th.

I’m ready to purchase Alec’s Academy. What happens when I do?

Great! Immediately upon making your purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with a course release schedule, which includes when the material will be released as well as the group calls so you can add everything to your calendar.

When the course commences, you’ll receive a weekly email with the roadmap of your study material as well as your assignments and challenges so you have a clear path to follow.



    Poker Fundamentals

    • Course Overview.
    • Position
    • Position in Poker
    • How to Use Position to Your Advantage
    • Hand Types
    • Hand Ranges
    • Hand Range Funnel
    • How to Use the Hand Range Funnel (Real Life Example)
    • Understanding Equity
    • Equities vs. Ranges
    • Equities vs. Ranges Real Hand Example

    Build Your Poker Business

    • Mastering poker finances
    • Poker variance in cash games
    • Poker variance in tournaments
    • Real world bankroll management
    • Creating your poker bankroll
    • Determining the right stakes
    • Setting a stop loss
    • Rebalancing your poker bankroll
    • How to keep records like a pro
    • How to structure your poker business
    • Staking and investing

    Mastering the Mental Game

    • How to Get the Most Out of Your Poker Sessions
    • How to overcome fear in poker
    • How to play consistent A-game poker
    • Mastering poker psychology
    • How to use your image to crush your opponents
    • Replicate Alec’s exact in game mental routine
    • Practical ways to apply the mental game

    Build Your Dream Poker Lifestyle

    • How to create a winning poker lifestyle
    • How to gain appreciation from others
    • Poker core values and company policy
    • How to hack your poker success
    • Balancing poker and life
    • Knowing when it’s time to quit

    Accomplish Your Poker Goals

    • How to approach poker like a pro
    • The role of poker in your life
    • Setting your poker goal
    • Mapping out your poker goal
    • How to Study Poker Like the Pros
    • Playing Poker and Beyond